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Product Overview

The BMW E92 M3 has a very complex ECU with quite a bit of potential to be enhanced through our custom tuning strategy.  With our numerous years of working on the E92 M3 platform since 2008, we have developed a very safe, reliable, and powerful calibration.  Amongst the thousands of maps within the factory ECU, we modify the ones that involve the following, and then some:

    • Lambda targets at part throttle
    • Lambda targets at full throttle
    • Ignition maps at part throttle
    • Ignition maps at full throttle
    • Torque management
    • Cam timing (VANOS)
    • Throttle scaling
    • Parameter limiters (RPM, top speed, cold start, etc)

Over the many years, we have developed proven solutions for cars of various states of modification.  Whether it be a factory stock car to one that is supercharged and has an upgraded fueling system, we can tune it.  All of our ECU tunes are based upon the specific requests of the client and the vehicles state of modification.

ECU Tune Options

    • Stage 1 is typically for vehicles that are stock or have very minimalist power modifications while retaining the factory primary catalytic converters.  We typically gain 15-20whp and 10-15wtq at points in the powerband pending variables.
    • Stage 2 is typically for vehicles that have the primary catalytic converters, along with any other naturally aspirated power enhancements.  We typically gain 15-25whp and 10-20wtq at points in the powerband pending variables.
    • Stage 3 is for vehicles with more extreme modifications; camshaft upgrades, increased displacement, increased/decreased compression, fuel system upgrades, or forced induction.  This tune will require dyno measurements and data logging.  Power and torque gains will drastically vary pending modifications.
    • RPM Limit can be raised or lowered per client request.  Factory is 8400RPM.  We can safely raise up to 8600RPM if requested.
    • Top Speed Limiter Delete will remove the factory speed limiter of 155mph.
    • Cold Start Delete will eliminate the fuel enrichment cycle on a cold start.  This will help lower the volume of the vehicle on cold start.  It does also prevent the car from idling at a notably higher rate on cold start.
    • Secondary Air Pump Delete will eliminate the functionality of the secondary air pump, along with the error codes associated with a removed secondary air pump.  We do sell block off plates to mechanically eliminate the pump to save weight.
    • Exhaust Burble adds a burble and crackle sound upon overrun.  When lifting off the throttle at varying speeds, RPMs, and engine temperatures, the exhaust will make a burble and crackle noise.

For local clients, our ECU tune includes updating to the latest BMW Integration Level, read/write of ECU, road testing, and datalogging.  We can also upgrade the DCT software to latest US, EU, or GTS variants for an additional $150.00.

For remote clients, our ECU tune includes a device to read/write the ECU and shipping within CONUS.  Tune revisions are available after datalogs have been sent to us.  If outside of CONUS, extra shipping charges are subject to be applied.

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